We ♡ our planet

  • Our fun products we package in such an ecological way possible. Because we care about the environment.
  • We strive for our packaging mono material, cardboard to use. This makes it very easy for you, our customer, to recycle and sort the packaging at home.
  • Our packages are made from recycled materials, even our stickers are compostable.
  • Did you order something fragile? Then your box is filled with 100% recycled green chips. You can recycle, compost or dispose of them underwater.
  • We use in the packaging process no plastic materials. If there really is no alternative, we will use recycled plastic. We are constantly looking for alternatives to be able to work without plastic.
  • We also reuse the packaging of our suppliers and give them a 2e life (boxes, filling materials…). For Ayumu World it is logical that we prevent as little waste as possible.



  • We properly recycle residual waste, PMD, cardboard and glass.
  • Our warehouse / office space is furnished with fluorescent tubes. Goodbye light bulbs.
  • Paper products are printed on ecologically certified paper.


  • Do you no longer need the box and filler materials? Please recycle! Mother nature is always watching.
  • Reuse our fun packaging.
  • Try eating less meat and more delicious vegetables. Plan a veggie day once a week to eat vegetarian dishes. Ok, I get it, it can be hard to skip meat. So try a tasty meat substitute. Little steps do a lot, believe me.
  •  Have you ever tried an alternative to milk? Have a look around on your next visit to the supermarket, you will be amazed at how many different types of alternatives there are. Not to forget, they are also super delicious!
  • Already on your way to the supermarket? Don't forget your shopping bag! This can be the reusable bag, linen, the shopping bag from our collection ... As long as you don't buy a plastic bag in the store, you are on the right track.
  • I like to use myself skincare products and also make-up. But have you ever considered yourself, the products you use if they are 'cruelty-free'? That is, not tested on animals. Many of these specific products are still tested on animals. Maybe your next purchase of skincare or makeup products has not been tested on animals. Amazing, right?


Lots of love, Ayumu World.