Barbados glasses - transparent

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My story:

This stylish and recycled 'Barbados' drinking glasses (clear) are ideal for water, soft drinks and cocktails. You name it!

The drinking glasses have all kinds of different details that show that they were a bottle in a previous life.

'Ayumu' tip! The glasses come in a nice box, the ideal gift: sustainable, social and hip. (Incl. 4 glasses)


Origin of our hair: The Netherlands (locally produced)

Material: recycled bottles

Dimensions: ± 11 cm H x ± 7,5 cm diameter

Color: transparent

My nameBarbados, a country in the Caribbean.


Important to know:


➯ 100% upcycled glass

➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ Dishwasher safe? Yes


♡ Will you take the step? 

Unfortunately, 440 million wine bottles are still thrown away immediately after use.

Throwing things away goes without saying, but we have to challenge ourselves to see what else we can do with waste.

Upcycling empty wine bottles into drinking glasses is a super innovative solution for the road to a better future. 

150 grams of CO2 and 150 liters of water are saved per glass. ♡