Akeza Plateau

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My story:

The 'Akeza plateau' has been handwoven with heart and soul by Burundian and Congolese refugees in the refugee camps Mahama and Kigeme in Rwanda.

To basket these beautiful baskets they practice a very old Rwandan weaving technique. Depending on the size and shape, a weaver can spend at least 60 to 70 hours per tray / basket to make it! 

Super original as wall decoration, in combination with other trays. But the pleateau can also be used as a nice fruit basket on the table in your house!


Origin of our hair: Rwanda

Brand: Indego Africa

Material: sweet grass (sweetgrass) / sisal

Dimensions: 7,60 cm H x 30,5 cm W 

Color: neutral beige / light pink


Important to know:

➯ Handmade by female artisans 

➯ I am a sustainable product

 Made with locally sourced natural fibers

➯ Made with handwoven raffia and dyed by hand

➯ L.us at the back for hanging

➯ F.all colors may fade in direct sunlight

➯ Due to the handmade quality, size and color variation may occur. Each plateau is therefore unique. 


Indego Africa and its wonderful impact:

The craft sector is the second largest employer in Africa.

Yet most artisans are women who lack access to export markets, business skills and the financial tools necessary to run successful global businesses.
Indego Africa is therefore committed to change that, as they are a non-profit organization.

They invest 100% of their profits in education programs for the women who hand-make Indego Africa products and for the young people in their communities.

Since 2007, they have provided more than 1.100 artisans and 250 young people in Rwanda and Ghana with employment, entrepreneurship training and consistent access to the global export market.

That's how they make a positive impact on the world. They go 'step by step' towards a better future for African craftsmen.

Ayumu World ♡ Indego Africa