Amber fragrance cube - Jasmine

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My story:

Our amber fragrance cubes are simply irresistible. The amber cube is therefore a real must-have from Morocco. The scent of the amber cubes can linger for a year.


'Ayumu' tip! The fragrance cubes are ideal if they can lie in a nice plate or basket. We are happy to help you with that. U.S 'Veracruz sign'is super ethnic, unique and an ideal saucer for your fragrance cube.

What are you using me for?

➯ For interior perfume, the bathroom, the toilet and the linen closet 

➯ As a perfume to rub on the skin

➯ As a powder for the vacuum cleaner bag (by scraping)

➯ Let it melt by the heat in a bowl

Origin: Morocco, Marrakesh

Odor: Jasmine (brown cubes)

Dimensions: 3.5 - 4 cm H x 4.5 cm W 

Important to know:

➯ Handmade in Marrakesh

 A real must have

➯ You can always cut the cube into pieces to spread the scent even more in your house.

➯ When the scent decreases from the amber cube, you can scrape it off. (You can use what you scraped off in a scent burner or in the vacuum cleaner bag)

➯ Sold per block

➯ May differ in color and shape because this is a handmade product.