Authentic berber bowl

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My story:

These beautiful Berber dishes are always hand-woven by women from Morocco. They are made of seagrass and decorated with fun accents of wool.

Admit it, these Berber dishes are a special home accessory for your interior? They immediately give an ethnic touch to your living room, but also fit nicely in your kitchen or on the table. 

These bowls were originally used to serve bread.


Origin of our hairMorocco

Material: sea grass, wool

Dimensions: 50 cm diameter 


Important to know:

➯ Handmade in Morocco by women

➯ I am unique

➯ You can also use the scale as a fruit bowl or for your bread.

➯ As this is a handmade item, each design will always be unique and each item can sometimes have some irregularities. This is part of this unique craft and gives that touch of charm to your item.