bamboo whisk

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My story:

Traditional bamboo / matcha whisk (100 teeth). This 'bamboo whisk' helps to prevent a lumpy matcha.

Why a 'bamboo whisk'?
Bamboo is a very durable plant because the plant can grow to a full size in just 3-4 months. This makes it an excellent choice and also a sustainable product. You use the traditional matcha whiskey to add foam and prevent lumps in your matcha tea.


'Ayumu' tip! Combine me with the 'Matcha 'Green Tea'' and with 'the matcha measuring spoon'.  


Origin of our hair: China

Materials: gmade of high quality bamboo

Important to know:


➯ PureChimp give 5% of all their profits to charity! This charity that they (and you!) Support is In this way chimpanzees receive complete and correct care.

➯ Packed in recyclable packaging.