Boho - cactus silk pillow (45x45)

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My story:

This hand-woven cushion cover is a 'one-of-a-kind'kisses and is from 100% cactus silk (+ with unique and original embroidery).

The cushion cover is made from Sabra fiber, which is a silky fabric obtained from the Aloe Vera cactus plant.

Looking for a 'bohemian touch ' in your house? Then this is the pillow for your interior.

Origin of our hairMorocco

Material: 100% natural cactus silk

Dimensions: 45cm H x 45cm W 

Color: beige / brown


Important to know:

➯ The traditional process of making these pillows is part of Berber culture.

➯ I come with pillow filling

➯ Because these cushion covers are made by hand in Morocco, no two covers are the same and you have a unique item!

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