Curacao bamboo bowl

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My story:

Bamboo is a smart and eco-friendly choice with a low impact on the environment.

Our colorful 'Curaçao bamboo bowl 'nice for in the kitchen or on the table! Be sure to combine them with other colors and sizes.


Origin of our hair: Vietnam

Material: bamboo

Dimensions: 16 cm H x 8 cm W 

Color: Pink with neutral transition

My nameCuraçao is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea. Be sure to visit the colored houses in Curaçao. I fit in perfectly with my pink color. 


Important to know:

➯ Handmade

➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ Oven safe? No

➯ Dishwasher safe? No

Mmicrowave safe? No

➯ Perfect for the use of cold / lukewarm food 


How do you take care of me? 

A well-maintained bamboo bowl can last a lifetime. 

1. Wash after use with water and a mild soap

2. Don't soak me in water for too long. My heart is bursting with that. 💔

3. Rinse me off thoroughly

4. Dry me with a towel

5. For extra care, you can rub me with a little oil.