Recycled tote bag

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My story

At Ayumu World we always try to look for an alternative to plastic!


Try our sturdy, hip and durable cotton bag, a great alternative to plastic bags! This handwoven tote bag is made from 100% recycled cotton yarn and handwoven in a traditional way. 

Use this bag for grocery shopping or simply carry it on a visit. 'Because you are 100% original'


★ The tote bag is completely ethnic made and support the rural women in the north of Bangladesh!


'Ayumu' tip! It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to shop. 


Origin of our hair: Northern Bangladesh

Material: recycled cotton

Dimensions: 48 cm H x 47 cm W 

Color: neutral with black letters

Important to know:

➯ Handmade 

➯ I am fair trade

➯ This hand woven and hand-dyed tote bag is made by rural women from northern Bangladesh. This region is one of the poorest and is far from the bigger cities.

➯ It is important to create jobs in this area close to home so that the rural women can provide an extra income without leaving their families.

➯ Articles can vary in size, shape and color, but all are 100% original.