'Hanoi' coconut bowl (S)

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My story:

The baby 'Hanoi' coconut bowls are fair trade, tropical, sustainable and can be used for so much.

With these cute baby coconut bowls you can serve different snacks in style. Serving snacks, breakfast and tapas in style? Yes!


'Ayumu' tip! Use our 'Hanoi' coconut bowls to make the irresistible amber scent cubes to present. 


The baby coconut bowls are handmade by artisans in India, they are made from coconut shells that are thrown away as waste and now given a new life as a smooth polished baby bowl.

Every purchase you make supports the sustainability of our planet and is good for the environment.


Origin of our hairIndia

Material: coconut shells

Dimensions: 9 cm diameter (S)

Important to know: 

➯ Handmade

➯ 100% natural & ecological

➯ Fairtrade

➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ Oven safe? No

➯ Dishwasher safe? No

Mmicrowave safe? No