'Kauri' - bolga basket

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My story:

The 'Blush Cowrie Bolga' is simply a unique piece. Use me as a cute handbag or a nice touch in your decor. 


Bolga basket weaving is a typical Ghanaian craft originating from the northern region of Bolgatanga.

The Ghanaian artisans will use local elephant grass to weave the bolga baskets by hand.

Do you want to know more about my process? Read below how I was made and how symbolic I am.

Origin of our hair: Ghana

Brand: Indego Africa

Material: 100% Elephant Swamp Grass / Small Cowrie Accents / Fabric Handle

Dimensions: 16,50 cm H x 17,80 cm W 

Color: neutral beige / light pink handle 


Important to know:

➯ Handmade by female artisans 

➯ I am a sustainable product

 Made with locally sourced natural fibers

➯ Due to the handmade quality, size and color variation may occur. Each plateau is therefore unique. 


How was I made? 

The Ghanaian craftsmen soak the grass in water and twist the strands together in small bunches to make them more durable. Then the craftsmen either hand dye the grass or start weaving it. They start at the base of the basket and weave towards the top of the basket. The baskets are then covered with a handle decorated with cowrie shells.

The cowrie shells symbolize fate, prosperity and strength. The cowrie shell was considered particularly valuable by various tribes in West Africa. It was used as a form of currency until the early 20th century. The shells are so cherished that Ghana's current currency ("cedi") is named after these mollusks.


Indego Africa and its wonderful impact:

The craft sector is the second largest employer in Africa.

Yet most artisans are women who lack access to export markets, business skills and the financial tools necessary to run successful global businesses.
Indego Africa is therefore committed to change that, as they are a non-profit organization.

They invest 100% of their profits in education programs for the women who hand-make Indego Africa products and for the young people in their communities.

Since 2007, they have provided more than 1.100 artisans and 250 young people in Rwanda and Ghana with employment, entrepreneurship training and consistent access to the global export market.

That's how they make a positive impact on the world. They go 'step by step' towards a better future for African craftsmen.

Ayumu World ♡ Indego Africa