Kenyan spice dish

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My story:

This unique spice serving dish is handmade by the 'Kamba Carvers in Kenya. These craftsmen carved this bowl from wild olive wood.

A beautiful tree appreciated for its richly grained wood,

Wild olive trees are legally extracted in Kenya by 'carving cooperatives' from protected areas. The 'carvers' always value their materials and raw materials. To use the whole tree, of course, the craftsmen cut large and small pieces from it. So they also make many other objects from this wood; salad bowls, spice spoons, and cool souvenirs

Origin of our hair: Kenya

Material: Wild olive wood, batik dyed cow leg (recycled)

Dimensions: 14 cm length x 5 cm width


Important to know:

➯ Handmade

➯ Kenyan 'bone art'; for the craftsmen, it provides income to support their families and build communities. 

➯ Because this is a handmade item, each item can always deviate. (both in size and color)

➯ Sold as a set including 3 spoons


How do you take care of me?

1. Wash me with water and a mild soap

2. Dry me with a towel

3. For extra care, you can rub me with a layer of olive oil.