'Love the earth' bamboo straws - 6 pcs

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My story:

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly grass species that is always renewable and can therefore offer many possibilities.

The 'Love the earth' bamboo straw set are environmentally friendly, reusable straws made of strong bamboo. A super ecological alternative to plastic straws.

Our straws are perfect for hot drinks such as tea, coffee and cold drinks such as smoothies or cocktails. They also give a super hip touch to your drink, with our nice 'quotes'. 


Origin of our hair: Vietnam

Material: bamboo

Dimensions: 20 cm L.

Quotes on the straws

➯ Go where you feel alive.

➯ Appreciate the earth

➯ Be kind to animals.

➯ Green is the new black.

➯ Protect the planet. 


Important to know:

➯ Handmade

➯ 1 set contains 6 personalized straws and 1 cleaning brush

➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ Dishwasher safe? No

➯ Bamboe is a natural material and the thickness of the straws can vary.