Matcha 'Green tea'

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Why matcha?

High quality Japanese matcha tea. Did you know? Matcha has been part of Japanese culture since the 12th century. 

  • The tea helps strengthen your immune system!
  • Detox your body!
  • The tea helps with weight loss!
  • Feel energized and focused! 


'Ayumu' tip! Combine me with 'the matcha measuring spoon' and with 'the Bamboo whisk'. 


Origin of our hair: Japan

Content: 50 g

Ingredients: 100% finely ground matcha green tea leaves (ceremonial quality)


Important to know:

➯Vegan - 100% healthy - 100% natural - no allergens - long shelf life 

➯ Matcha can be added to an infinite number of dishes / drinks or can be boosted! (smoothie's, latte's, ice cream, donuts, tea, coffee, banana bread, muffins ...) So endless ...

➯Packed in a recyclable glass jar and biodegradable label. 

➯Matcha grown without the use of pesticides.

➯ PureChimp give 5% of all their profits to charity! This charity that they (and you!) Support is In this way chimpanzees receive complete and correct care.


For the best result: mix 1 level scoop / 1 & half level teaspoon (about 1 g) with a splash of cold water and beat with the whiskey. Top up with hot water / milk of your choice. Beat again with the whiskey if necessary.