Moana bamboo bowl set

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My story:

Bamboo is a smart and eco-friendly choice with a low impact on the environment.

Our 'Moana bamboo bowl set' is perfect for any kitchen and on the table. These cool bowls are a perfect detail for a barbecue. 

Origin of our hair: Vietnam

Material: bamboo


 7 cm H x 20 cm W (SMALL)

➯ 8 cm H x 25 cm W (MEDIUM)

➯ 9 cm H x 30 cm W (LARGE)

Color: Light blue with neutral transition

My name: Moana, Tahitian for 'ocean'. We are as blue as the ocean you dream of. 


Important to know:

➯ Handmade

➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ Oven safe? No

➯ Dishwasher safe? No

Mmicrowave safe? No

➯ Perfect for the use of cold / lukewarm food 

➯ Sold in a set of 3 bowls


How do you take care of me? 

A well-maintained bamboo bowl can last a lifetime. 

1. Wash after use with water and a mild soap

2. Don't soak me in water for too long. My heart is bursting with that. 💔

3. Rinse me off thoroughly

4. Dry me with a towel

5. For extra care, you can rub me with a little oil.