'Saad' storage basket

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My story:

In the Moroccan 'Aziza collection'we offer all kinds of nice storage baskets. Including this cute and adorable 'raffia storage baskets', ideal for small business in the mountains.

Need something to store jewelery in? This basket is ideal for this. The basket also looks great in a bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Origin of our hairMorocco, Marrakesh

Material: palm leaves, raffia (from Indonesia)

Dimensions: 8 cm H x 12 cm W 

Color: natural

My name: Saad is a Moroccan name for happy


Important to know:

➯ Handmade

➯ I am cute and small 

➯ As this is a handmade item, each design will always be unique and each item can sometimes have some irregularities. This is part of this unique craft and gives that touch of charm to your item.