'Shiva' offering basket - red mother of pearl

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My story:

Our 'Shiva' offering baskets are handmade from 100% natural materials in Bali. These special cute offering baskets are made of bamboo and finished with colorful glass beads. 

Use the 'Shiva' offering baskets as decoration on the table or in another nice place in your interior. With these original baskets you immediately create an atmospheric element in your home.

'Ayumu' tip! Ideal gift idea for the holidays.

Origin of our hair: Indonesia, Bali

Material: bamboo, glass beads

Dimensions: 14 cm H x 14 cm W 

Color: dark red

My name: Shiva belongs to the Balinese Hindu culture and is the ruler of heaven.


Important to know:

➯ Handmade

➯ I am original

➯ As this is a handmade item, each design will always be unique and each item can sometimes have some irregularities. This is part of this unique craft and gives that touch of charm to your item.