Veracruz sign

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My story:

The Veracruz plate is super fun, durable and made of bamboo fibers.

The plate is an interpretation of the 'Sonrientes' or the 'smiling figures'. The Sonrientes figurines are from the ancient and artistic style of Remojadas. They were made during 7th - 8th century, in Mexico, Mesoamerica, Veracruz. 


Origin of our hair: China

Material: bamboo fiber

Dimensions: 14 cm W 

Color: White blue

My name: Veracruz, is Mexico's largest port city located on the Gulf of Mexico.

Designers: Urban Nature Culture

Important to know:

➯ Handmade and hand painted

➯ Ideal for serving snacks or for decorating our amber cubes.

➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ Oven safe? No

➯ Dishwasher safe? Yes

Mmicrowave safe? No