Wiru wall deco

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My story:

Ever dreamed of having a piece of Indonesia in your decor or just can't wait for your next trip to lush Indonesia?

It is possible with our Fitri collection, we bring Indonesia closer to you and the pieces are a pure purity for your home.

This 'Wiru wall deco' is pure 'tribal luxury' for your decor.


Origin of our hair: Indonesia, Bali

Material: raffia + shells

Dimensions: 40 cm W

My namewiru, they are a people of the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.


Important to know:

➯ 100% handmade from Indonesia

➯ I am original

➯ I have a loop on the back.

➯ Because this is a handmade item, each design will always be unique and may differ from the photo.