'Zanzibar' carafe

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My story:

♡ The 'Zanzibar' carafes are upcycled from empty wine bottles. ♡

The wine bottles are a waste product of the tourism industry in Zanzibar. They are collected by the local artisans from the hotels and the restaurants. Then they are cleaned and cut into different sizes. 

Origin of our hair: Tanzania, Zanzibar

Materialupcycled glass

Dimensions: 18 cm H x 7 cm W 

Important to know:

➯ Ethically handmade

➯ I am fair trade, environmentally friendly and unique


➯ I support several young people in Zanzibar. There they teach the youngsters the craft of upcycling wine bottles, as well as other life skills and English.

➯ This project contributes to the waste management of the tourism industry in Zanzibar.


➯ Food safe? Yes

➯ As this is a handmade item, each design will always be unique and each item can sometimes have some irregularities. This is part of this unique craft and gives that touch of charm to your item.